• The start/finish area is at the Willard Creek Trailhead at the end of Forest Service Road 4014.  It is located off of Interstate 15 between Montana City and Clancy.
  • The Start/Finish area can be accessed by either Montana City or Clancy (Warm Springs Creek).   Both routes are passable by any type vehicle.  The route through Clancy is probably the easiest to navigate if you are not familiar with the area, and a little quicker.
  • Please observe speed limit signs, and watch for wildlife crossing.
  • Since it will be very dark driving in on race morning, we encourage 50 mile runners to find the Start/Finish area prior to race morning.
  • DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS ON WILLARD CREEK ROAD. Any vehicle blocking the road will be towed at your expense.

Directions to Start Finish Area from Elkhorn Fitness Retreat

Directions to Start Finish Area via Montana City

Directions to Start Finish Area via Warm Spring Creek

start finish

Unless you have a high profile 4 wheel drive vehicle you are willing to damage, there is no place you can drive to to observe 50K runners.  50 mile runners pass through the Town of Elkhorn Aid Station in the Town of Elkhorn at mile 30.  If you want to see your 53 mile runner during the race, this is the place to do it.  You can also take in some Montana history. Please remember that most of the Town of Elkhorn is private property.

Directions to to Town of Elkhorn

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