HURL Fat Ass Run

2021 HURL Fat Ass Results

HURL, your hometown trail running enthusiasts invite you to share our love of trails by joining us for the 2021 HURL Fat Ass Event. Due to the continued pandemic the 2021 Fat Ass is going virtual with a full month to complete his disorganized event.

Fat Ass events are in the grand tradition of trail runs being relaxed, low key, and loosely organized adventure runs rather than high pressure, competitive races. In this tradition, there will be no entry fees, no support, and no formal timing. You are responsible for yourself and your own safety.

Runners will start at the Old Shooting Range trailhead on Davis Gulch and runners can choose whether to complete their chosen distance on trails (the same ones as the Moonlight on Mount Ascension course) or roads.

How it will work for this year. Run the course any day in January 2021 and report your results to  Pick a date, pick a friend, pick a course (trail or road) and complete 11.4 miles for the Half-Ass, 22.8 for the Skinny Ass, or 34.2 for the Fat Ass. Send me the date you run, the Ass version you run (trail or road or combination), and your time and I will post results as soon as I compile them or when my big old ass feels like it.

Trail Option:  Run the Moonlight on Mount Ascension Course 3 times.

Mt. Ascension Loop: From the Old Shooting Range Trailhead up the Entertainment Trail, Archery Range Trail, Easy Rider Trail, 2006 Trail, Mt. Ascension Loop Trail, Entertainment Trail, Entertainment Alternative, Aftershock Trail, 2006 Trail, Easy Rider Trail, Archery Range Trail and Entertainment Trail back to the Old Shooting Range Trailhead.  7.5 miles, 1,630 feet of elevation gain, 1,630 feet of elevation loss.

Rodney Ridge Loop: From the Old Shooting Range Trailhead up the Rodney Meadow Trail, Waterline Trail, T.R Trail, Pinchot Trail, Rodney Ridge Trail, Rodger Fuchs Trail, Rodney Meadow Trail back to the Old Shooting Range Trailhead. 4.0 miles, 1,015 feet of elevation gain, 1,015 feet of elevation loss.

Road Option:  From the Old Shooting Head Trailhead parking lot, start up Davis Gulch Road, turn right on Dry Gulch Road and up Dry Gulch Road.  Just past Cox Lake, turn left and then take the trail that veers to the right. The trail will take you to Springhill Road. Go down Springhill Road to Orofino Gulch.  Turn left up Orofino Gulch through Unionville to Grizzly Gulch Road.  Turn right on Grizzly Gulch road and stay on Grizzly Gulch Road to West Main Street.  Turn left on West Main Street, right on South Cruse Street, right on Cutler Street, right on South Warren Street, and left on Pine Street.  Stay on Pine until you reach Davis Street and turn right on Davis Street. Davis Street will take you up Davis Gulch to the Old Shooting Range Parking Lot.  Each loop is approximately 11.4 miles, with 1,570 feet of elevation gain and 1,570 feet of elevation loss. You must do 3 loops to complete the full 50K.  Be sure to record your time when you finish.
Cox Lake to Springhill Road.
In town portion of road loop.