HURL Fat Ass Run

The 2020 Fat Ass 50K fun run starts at 9 AM January 11, 2020 at the Old Shooting Range Trailhead parking lot off Davis Gulch Road.  You must sign in and sign a waiver prior to running. There is no entry fee.

2019 fat ass 50k results

This is a slightly organized fun run.  You are responsible for yourself and your own safety.  There are both road and trail options.  See course description below. Most of the road option is run on roads with traffic.  There is no traffic control anywhere along the course.  You must time yourself. There might be an aid station at the Old Shooting Range Trailhead, but there is no guarantee.  You are responsible for being prepared for race day conditions.

All the relay/shorter options — Half Ass/Skinny Ass/ Lame Ass — are available. 
Road Option:  From the Old Shooting Head Trailhead parking lot, start up Davis Gulch Road, turn right on Dry Gulch Road and up Dry Gulch Road.  Just past Cox Lake, turn left and then take the trail that veers to the right. The trail will take you to Springhill Road. Go down Springhill Road to Orofino Gulch.  Turn left up Orofino Gulch through Unionville to Grizzly Gulch Road.  Turn right on Grizzly Gulch road and stay on Grizzly Gulch Road to West Main Street.  Turn left on West Main Street, right on South Cruse Street, right on Cutler Street, right on South Warren Street, and left on Pine Street.  Stay on Pine until you reach Davis Street and turn right on Davis Street. Davis Street will take you up Davis Gulch to the Old Shooting Range Parking Lot.  Each loop is approximately 11.4 miles, with 1,570 feet of elevation gain and 1,570 feet of elevation loss. You must do 3 loops to complete the full 50K.  Be sure to record your time when you finish.
Cox Lake to Springhill Road.
In town portion of road loop.
Trail Option:  Run the Moonlight on Mount Ascension Course 3 times.  See Moonlight on Mount Ascension Tab for course description.