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Challenge yourself in unforgiving, remote, and spectacular Montana backcountry.  Experience real Montana….Leave Civilization Behind!

Welcome to the official website for the HURL Elkhorn Endurance 50 Mile, 50K, and 23K Runs!


***SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2016***

Spectacular Montana scenery, breathtaking climbs, technical descents, miles of challenging single track trail, primitive roads, dirt, rocks, forests, meadows, and cold, clear creeks to splash through. NO PAVEMENT. Enjoy all of the above on this remote, back country run through the rugged and beautiful Elkhorn Mountains.  We invite you to come to Montana for a run you won’t soon forget.

Don’t just take it from us….check out the following links for comments from survivors.

HURL Elkhorn 50 Mile, a good pain

HURL Elkhorn 50K – Life is good



Eric Ashley – HURL Elkhorn Race Report

Bob Johnson Race Report – 50K

HURL Elkhorn, A Volunteer’s Perspective – Andrew Cupino


Race Buzz

The HURL Elkhorn Endurance Runs are a 100% volunteer effort, from aid station volunteers up to the race director.  We put on this event to show off the incredible trails we have in our backyard.  All left over entry fees are donated to local non-profit organizations. In 2015 we donated to Prickly Pear Land Trust, Montana City Trails and Trust, Capital City Amateur Radio Club, and Elkhorn Search and Rescue.

In co-operation with the Helena National Forest


Special Thanks to:





We are excited to team with the Beaverhead Endurance Runs on the Beaverhead-Elkhorn Endurance Challenge. How much Montana can you handle?

Ultimate Challenge: Finish the HURL Elkhorn 50 Mile and the Beaverhead 100K. Earn the Ultimate Recognition Award. The award will be presented at the finish line of the HURL Elkhorn Endurance Runs.

Grand Challenge: Finish the HURL Elkhorn 50 Mile or 50K and any other race distance combination from the Beaverhead Endurance Runs (50 Mile – 55K; 50K-100K; or 50K-55K).  Earn the Grand Recognition Award. The award will be presented at the finish line of the HURL Elkhorn Endurance Runs.

Click the link below for Primitive Mechanix’s detailed race reports for both the 2015 HURL Elkhorn 50 mile and Beaverhead 100K. Thanks for sharing Hayden and Karin Janssen!



The 2016 HURL Elkhorn 50 Mile is worth 2 / 4 new qualifying points and the HURL Elkhorn 50K is worth 1 / 3 new qualifying point for the  Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®. 

We are happy to announce the 2016 HURL Elkhorn Endurance Runs (50 Mile, 50K, and 23K) are once again part  of the TrailRunner Trophy Series.


The “Kiss of Death” Award – The overall Male and Female Winners of the HURL Elkhorn 50 Mile Run get their entry fee waived for the next Le Grizz Ultramarathon.

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Questions? Comments?  Email the Race Director at: slengebrecht(at)msn.com

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